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Chung Seoyoung is one of the most important artists of her generation in Korea.
Major shows include
2000 solo-show at Artsonje Center, Seoul
2003 in the Korean Pavilion, Venice Biennale
2007 solo-show at Atelier Hermès, Seoul
2009 Gwangju Biennale

Chung Seoyoung works deal pragmatically and humorously with the grotesque choices in our life. The title 'Apple vs. Banana' derives from the common choice of dietary fiber vs. carbohydrate, one of the endless ironies in modern-day. What´s better? Both are the best!
In this show Chung Seoyoung accentuates the bland, taking away the details and leaving less than more, producing a range of sober, pure and obviously inexpressive works of art.
Chung Seoyoung built a set of objects: tables, a light bulb, a kitchenette, an aquarium, a spot, and snowballs constructing a certain encompassing physical and organizational structure in the model apartments.

Right from the start we envisioned KIM KIM GALLERY as an artwork, or rather the gallery in general as a form of art and KIM KIM GALLERY as a transmutation of this idea.
KIM KIM GALLERY inhabits given structures like galleries, art centers, shops and art fairs, structures more or less connected to the art world, parasitically or symbiotically using the infrastructures of these spaces with a simultaneously commercial and artistic intent.
KIM KIM GALLERY intends to create a platform for art, reinventing itself as art each time.
KIM KIM GALLERY was founded by Gregory Maass and Nayoungim on the occasion of a solo-show at the Market Gallery in Glasgow, Scotland in 2008.
The title of the show was „KIM KIM GALLERY'.
The exhibition consisted of empty illuminated billboards in the shapes of the letters K, I, and M and giant punch cards.
The name of the gallery derives from the Glaswegian Mary Mary Gallery, which started as a bedroom gallery and became successful. The family name Kim is the most common surname in Korea (over 40% of Korea´s population is called Kim).
The second KIM KIM GALLERY took place at Ro-bert™ in Berlin, Germany.
The third KIM KIM GALLERY took place at Gallery Shilla, Deagu, Korea.

Hyundai Group was founded as a construction company, which rapidly achieved legendary status. These legendary times live on in the second sublevel of the Hyundai Cultural Center in Seoul, where KIM KIM GALLERY occupies two model apartments from the early 90s. Chung Seoyoung and KIM KIM GALLERY have a different history and needs, which creates an amplification of the creative output in these premises of another époque.
May 2011

Apple vs. Banana Press Conference 
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