2 Elvis impersonators and a surrealistic figure going to church after a heavy snowfall

Graphite on paper

Jeff Gabel makes small-scale pencil drawings that feature both real and imaginary people, and often revolve around routine day-to-day embarrassments, best-forgotten college experiences, or the artist’s unhealthy obsession with the rock band Kiss.

From this unlikely milieu, the artist mines gold. Typically, Gabel’s drawings feature small sketches of people and faces, appended with a line of text that explains who they are, or imagines what they were thinking at the time they were observed. It’s here, in the artist’s knack for finding moments in the everyday that transcend the banal, that his work achieves a kind of twisted timelessness.

via http://www.spencerbrownstonegallery.com/Artists/Jeff_Gabel/Gabel_bio.html

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