The Gallery Has been Completely Vandalised

group exhibition, co-originated and curated with Alfred Camp 
97-99 Projects, London

Douglas Park wearing Gideon Cube-Sherman’s ‘Anti-Paint Protective Headgear’, 
during ‘The Gallery Has Been Completely Vandalised’ 
 ©, Copyright, Brendan Lyons 2000 
visitors were issued with a tin of cube-sherman paint and cube-sherman anti-paint protective headgear. brushes and rollers were available in the official paint test area. visitors were advised to keep anti-paint headgear on at all times for reasons of health and safety.

paint & headgear test
 event, video
 ©, Copyright, gideon cube-sherman


Douglas Park with Jennifer Flay
 (nota bene: invite flyer for ‘The Gallery Has been Completely Vandalised’, 2000. 
©, Copyright, Anaid Demir, 2003

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