미디어시티서울 Media City Seoul 2010: Trust

Media City Seoul announces the sixth edition of the biennial under the title Trust. To connect with the rest of the world, we invest a certain amount of trust in various relations. Trust is by default an ambiguous notion, it is one grounded in good faith as much as in doubt. As individuals we not only have these relations to our fellow citizens, but also increasingly with modes of connection. With proliferating forms of media, information comes to us in many guises, and the message is more and more opaque; marketing poses as friendship, solitude as community, populism as democracy. 

Instead of simply stepping up to the speed of technology, the curatorial team of Media City Seoul 2010 proceeds from a desire to pause, reflect, and critique the transitions and transformations of our social contexts. The exhibition is propositional by nature. Trust interprets media broadly—as a tool for engagement within a shifting terrain where political, national or religious identities are being re-charted; where means of distribution creates real and imagined communities; and where private interpersonal space share the same platform as global political issues of the day. As forms of media become more accessible and varied, we enter an era that seemingly allows more room for self-expression and individuality. Yet, what is at stake when media channels are more concentrated and powerful? How do these networks create new spaces of alienation and control? How do we reconcile the desire for changing social models, with a desire for new communities?
The exhibition works against the rhetoric of technology as progress and promise, offering instead a recalibration of its definition. Many of the artists in the exhibition are not known as media artists, but use various forms of media (printed material, urban detritus, photographic and video technology, documentary and fictional forms) to counter the generalizing of experience by dominant narratives. Trustinvestigates notions of community, representation and perception in a world that is continuously being retold and reconfigured. In this light, how are stories, histories and myths construed? How is collective experience represented through multiplicity and difference? The exhibition emphasizes artistic practices that play with documentary conventions, fictional forms, espousing for imagination, subjectivity and localities as underpinnings of contemporary experience. Sometimes revealing the underlying constructs of mediated stories, and at other times obscuring them. Trust does not aim to meticulously dissect the matters at hand, or present a scientific or intellectual study of our current mediascape. Instead, Trustoffers a broad interpretation of media and invests in a humanistic and individual response to contemporary experience.
About Media City Seoul:
Inaugurated in 2000 with a specific aim to enforce the image of the city of Seoul as a capital of technological development, the exhibition has been one of few international biennials with a focus on ‘media art’. As the possibilities of media continue to redefine and alter everyday life, it is an opportune moment to re-examine our basic notion of media, in order to intelligently and thoughtfully head forth into a new era. The curatorial team has modified the title from media_city seoul to Media City Seoul, a modest but important gesture that emphasizes individualness of these entities and attempts to move beyond catch words and compound terms to the co-existence of separate but equal parts. In doing so, Media City Seoul 2010 is proud to take the biennial one step further and think about media beyond its formal definitions.
Participating artists:
Tarek ATOUI, Yael BARTANA, Blast Theory, Mark BRADFORD, Abraham CRUZVILLEGAS, Manon DE BOER, Willem DE ROOIJ, Jimmie DURHAM, Shilpa GUPTA, IZUMI Taro, Adrià JULIÀ, Beom Kim, Sung Hwan KIM, KOIZUMI Meiro, Miki KRATSMAN, Minouk LIM, Sarah MORRIS, Deimantas NARKEVIČIUS, Catherine OPIE, PARK Chan-Kyong, Walid RAAD, Judy RADUL, Jewyo RHII, Tino SEHGAL, Allan SEKULA, Nasrin TABATABAI & Babak AFRASSIABI, Erik VAN LIESHOUT, Apichatpong WEERASETHAKUL, Xijing Men (CHEN Shaoxiong, Gimhongsok, Tsuyoshi OZAWA), Yangachi among others. Final list of artists will be announced in June.
Curatorial team:
KIM Sunjung (Artistic director, Media City Seoul 2010) and co-curators Clara KIM (Director/Curator of Gallery at REDCAT, Los Angeles), Nicolaus SCHAFHAUSEN (Director of Witte de With, Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam), and SUMITOMO Fumihiko (Curator, Arts Initiative Tokyo, Tokyo).
Venues: Seoul Museum of Art, SeMA Gyeonghuigung and public sites in Seoul.
7 September – 17 November 2010
Opening reception: 6 September, 5 pm
Press preview: 4 – 5 September, 12 – 6 pm
Seoul Museum of Art, Korea
30 Misulgwan-gil (37 Seosomun-dong)
Jung-gu, Seoul 110-813, Korea 

미디어시티서울 2010 / 제6회 서울 국제 미디어아트 비엔날레
기간 / 장소
서울시립미술관, 서울시립미술관 경희궁 분관, 서울역사박물관, 심슨 기념관

‹미디어 시티 서울 2010›은 뉴미디어 아트 자체에 초점을 두기 보다는 미디어 전반의 다양한 모습과 그것이 제시하는 삶의 변화에 주목 하고, 2010년 이전의 미디어아트 비엔날레 전시들을 재방문하여 동시대의 문화적 맥락에서 가질 수 있는 소규모 비엔날레만의 장점을 활성화 시키고자 하였다. ‹미디어_시티 서울(media_city seoul)›이라는 비엔날레 명칭을 ‹미디어 시티 서울(Media City Seoul)›로 변경하여 미디어, 도시, 서울을 개별적으로 분리시킴과 동시에 서로를 동등한 위치에 재배치함으로써 그들의 역학관계를 재정립 하고자 하였다. 또한 ‹미디어 시티 서울 2010›은 ‘미디어’에 대한 고정된 관념에서 한 발자국 더 나아가, 좀 더 폭넓은 의미의 ‘미디어 세계’로 접근하고자 하였다. 2010년은 Trust(트러스트)라는 주제를 다루면서 좀 더 광범위한 의미의 ‘미디어,’ 즉 ‘인문학적이고 사회학적인 관점에서의 미디어’가 현대인들의 삶과 어떠한 관계를 맺고 있는지 살펴보고자 하였다.


Untitled (News) (2002)
1-channel video, 1 min 42 sec
Seoul Museum of Art, Gallery 3-c

Artist Profile

Born 1963; Lives and works in Seoul
Kim Beom explores the formation of new relationships between images and concepts through a wide range of media, including drawings, installations, videos, publications and objects. Particularly concerned with ways of “seeing” and cognition in relation to sight—the basis of visual art—Kim continuously reveals the tension and conflict between visual perception and false mind. By suggesting images formed on the retina and works that escape from socially normative notions, Kim invites viewers to abandon fixed ideas and contemplate the world from a different perspective.
Untitled (News) is made up of recorded and re-edited cable television news programs. Working from the basic acknowledgement that television programs represent the fundamental synthesis of visual image and spoken language of our age, the artist breaks them down into syllables and fabricates four stories out of the actual accounts delivered by anchorpersons. The text presents an alternative to the mass media, which has a monopoly on informing us of what takes place in the world and on the personal thoughts of individuals accustomed to viewing the reality exclusively through this controlled lens. Kim uses news, which incorporates images and spoken language, as source material in the construction of his own version of “news” and what he believes is “news-worthy.” The content of Kim’s “news,” therefore, reveals the nature of mass media, which selects, edits, translates, and criticizes stories about the world while crossing boundaries between fiction and nonfiction, truth and falsehood, society and individual, and public affairs and daily life.
Photo by Yochai Avrahami
Sep. 2010
김순기, 우물을 듣다, Écouter la silence (2010)
sound installation, Seoul Museum of History
photo via http://news.samsung.com/kr/515
Silence of the Well
Listen to the silence of the well.
Sound installation in the garden of the Seoul Museum of History, north of the Gyeounghui Palace, where a well is situated. The well, now empty and dry as a bottomless jar, was indispensable in the past; there, the women of the court found the water used to cook rice for the king. The gust of wind of modernization that would have transformed feng shui dried up the water, and with it the wind of the old capital Hanyang. Once gone, it cannot return, so instead we will pour into the bottomless well the dust of the city of Seoul.
Listen to the sound of the well.
Pour the songs of the asphalt,
Pour the songs of the buses,
Pour the songs of the pines,
Pour the songs of the internet,
Pour the songs of the birds,
Pour the songs of the stock exchange,
Pour the songs of the cuckoo,
Pour the songs of the red dust (hong jin)
of Seoul, So-ri kut han pan.
June 2010
Kim Soun-Gui
https://trustseoul.wordpress.com/trustartists/kim-soun-gui Catalogue

  • Description: 'Trust: Media City Seoul 2010', it  took place from 7 September to 17 November 2010, spread over four locations in Seoul: Seoul Museum of Art, Gyenghuigung Annex of the Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul Museum of Art courtyard, and Simpson Memorial Hall of Ewha Girls' High School. This catalogue provides brief explanatory notes with each artist's work, exhibition histories of the artists, and critical essays. 
    Languages:English, Korean
    :Media City Seoul - KIM Sunjung(김선정)
    Head - KIM Youngha(김영하)
    Beirut's Unwritten Laws and Graffiti - Jalal TOUFIC
    Pick of the Day - KIM Youngha(김영하)
    New Imagined Communities - Clara KIM
    On Trust (And Mistrust) - Nicolaus SCHAFHAUSEN
    Translucent Media - Fumihiko SUMITOMO(住友文彥)
    Honor Killing - KIM Youngha(김영하)
    Promise - KIM Youngha(김영하)

    Year of Publication:2010
    No. of Pages:220
    ISBN / ISSN: 9788996298779

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