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Alternative Title:The 10th Anniversary Publication of the Hermes Foundation Missulsang
에르메스 재단 미술상
:Nicolas BOURRIAUDKIM Sungwon(김성원)
Description:Published on the 10th anniversary of the Hermès Foundation Missulsang, this catalogue does not correspond to one exhibition, but rather is a review of the past 10 award winners of the past 10 exhibitions.  The first Hermès Korea Missulsang (Hermès Korea Prize for Contemporary Art) was awarded in 2000.  H.S. Jun, Managing Director of Hermès Korea wrote the introductory remarks, and essays about contemporary art are by Nicolas Bourriaud and Sung Wong Kim.  At the end of the catalogue are lists of the nominating committees, judging committees, short-listed artists,  and winners from 2000 through 2009.  Brief winning artists' biographies are included. 

Language/s:English, French, Korean
:BAHC Yiso(박이소)KIM Beom(김범)KIM Sunghwan(김성환)KOO Jeonga(구정아)LIM Minouk(임민욱)PARK Chankyong(박찬경)PARK Yoonyoung(박윤영)SONG Sanghee(송상희)Doho SUH(서도호)(Group) Younghae Chang Heavy Industries(장영혜 중공업)
Publisher/s:Fondation d'entreprise Hermès (Paris - France)
Year of Publication:2009
No. of Pages:286

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