SSamzie Space The 10th Open Studio Exhibition / 제10회 쌈지스페이스 오픈스튜디오전

This is the catalog of the 10th Open Studio Exhibition at SSamzie Space. SSAMZIE SPACE ended its formal operation with its 10th open studio, held in March 2009.  The residency program originated in 1998.  As an alternative cultural space equipped with galleries, performance hall, and studios, Ssamzie space invited many artists from all over the world to participate in its programs. The organization was sponsored by a leading Korean fashion and accessories company, SSAMZIE Co. Ltd.  The Open Studio Exhibition allows artists to show the fruits of their creative labour during their residency period and provides viewers a glimpse into the private studio spaces of artists who participate in the SSAMIZE residency program. The catalog includes works by artists who were in the one-year program, the three-month program, the International Residence Exchange Program, and the Curatorial Residence Program.  International artists and curators included:  Dirk van Lieshout, Ash Keating, Ole Schwarz, Yaiza Nicolas, Heidi Vogels, Hakima El Djoudi, NM Crew, Tomas Michael Harold. A brief artist statement, interview, or essay accompanies each entry, in addition to the artists' education and exhibition histories at the end of the catalog. 

Language/s:English, Korean
:Reality as a Dice Throwing Game and Art - LEE Sunyoung(이선영)

Maps for the Blind - Pontus KYANDER

Kim Hee-Jung's 'Family' and 'Pink & White' - PARK Chankyong(박찬경)

Interview with Yang Youn-hwa

Oak Jung-ho Brand's Performance and Physical Training - PARK Manu D.(박만우)

Rebuild a Life into the Empire of Kitsch - KWON Youngjin(권영진)

Memo on Lee Eun-sil and Her Works - LIM Geunjun(임근준)
:KWON Kyunghwan(권경환)OH Sukkuhn(오석근)OAK Jungho(옥정호)KIM Heejung(김희정)LEE Eunsil(이은실)U Juju(유쥬쥬)YANG Younhwa(양연화)JEON JihanKIM Sinae(김시내)LEE Jiyoon(이지윤)B.G. MUHN(문범강)HAM Kyungah(함경아)Kyoko EBATA(江幡京子)PARK MeeNa(박미나)Mina CHEON(천민정)GU Minja(구민자)LEE Nayon(이나연)
:KIM Honghee(김홍희)KIM Sunjung(김선정)LEE Jiyoon(이지윤)
Venue/Publisher:SSamzie Space , Seoul

Year of Publication:2009
No. of Pages:144

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