Infinite Challenge

This group exhibition of seven female Asian artists took place at National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, from April to July 2014. It is also an exhibition under the Museum's 'Asia Art Project'. One common theme that connects all seven female artists in the exhibition is that they all make use of new media art and various technologies to challenge the status quo.

To the curator, Asian female artists face a double challenge, in that they are usually conceived inferior to Western artists in one hand, and inferior to male artist on the other. New media therefore becomes a site at which these artists can carry out artistic experiments and overcome the cultural biases construed by conventional narratives.

Languages:English, Korean
:Infinite Challenge - YI Soojung(이수정)

Language of the Motherland and Mother Tongue - Hyosil YANG
:Nalini MALANIKIM Soungui(김순기)CHEANG Shulea(鄭淑麗),Shahzia SIKANDERShilpa GUPTACAO Fei(曹斐)Tintin WULIA
:YI Soojung(이수정)Sunkang CHANG(장순강)
Publisher:National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul 
Year of Publication:2014
No. of Pages:152
ISBN / ISSN:9788963030821

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