Ü B E R Z E I C H N E N. Von Basel aus

The title “ÜBERZEICHNEN” links to the main medium of the exhibition: drawing. 
In the 1980`s artists like Silvia Bächli, Miriam Cahn or Anselm Stalder appear with drawings.
What has been developed by this (not only in Basel) will be discussed by Ines Goldbach and the artist Cécile Hummel with different as well as new positions of the young generation. 
The variety in options of expression and Use of drawing will be an issue.
Exhibition opening: Thursday, September 17, 2015 | 18:30
Kunsthaus Baselland, Basel

Bilderzeitung mit Textheft

Textbeiträge von Meret Arnold, Eva Falge, Ines Goldbach, Cécile Hummel, Clemens Krümmel, Roman Kurzmeyer, Anselm Stalder

Bildbeiträge von Silvia Bächli, Therese Bolliger, Lena Eriksson, Robert Estermann, Eric Hattan, Cécile Hummel, Bruno Jakob, Claudia & Julia Müller, Bruce Nauman, Karim Noureldin, Maja Rieder, Boris Rebetez, Fred Sandback, Jürg Stäuble, Anselm Stalder, Miriam Sturzenegger, Anna Barbara Wiesendanger
144/96 Seiten, 225 Abb., davon 103 in Farbe, 57×40 cm, Zeitung, lose Bogen, gefaltet, 24×34 cm, Textheft, Drahtheftung
edition fink, Zürich 2015
ISBN 978-3-03746-189-1
CHF 25.00 / EUR 20.00 / USD 24.00

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