8th International Istanbul Biennial: Poetic Justice (Biennial 8+)

Description:Catalogue published following the 8th International Istanbul Biennial held in 2003. The exhibition and parallel events took place at sites across the city.

Note: Only participating artists of Asian descent are listed below.
Language/s:English, Turkish
:Poetic Justice - Dan CAMERON
:LEE Nikki S.(리니키)KIM Beom(김범)Jun NGUYEN-HATSUSHIBA(阮初芝淳)Shahzia SIKANDERHiroshi SUGITO(杉戶洋)Fiona TANSurasi KUSOLWONG(สุรสีห์ กุศลวงศ์)JUNG Yeondoo(정연두)Doho SUH(서도호)Nalini MALANITsuyoshi OZAWA(小沢剛)Araya RASDJARMREARNSOOK(อารยา ราษฎร์จำเริญสุข)Zarina BHIMJISONG Dong(宋冬)Jose LEGASPI
Publisher/Organiser:Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (Turkey)

Year of Publication:2005
ISBN / ISSN: 9757363316 | 9757363324

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