Korean Contemporary Art

:Miki Wick KIM
Description:This illustrated survey of the Korean contemporary art scene introduces 30 of its most compelling and critically recognised artists, whose diverse bodies of work deal with issues such as consumer and popular culture, tradition and national history, society, alienation, and identity. 
Compilation, introduction, and artist texts by Miki Wick Kim and essay by Shinyoung Chung. Artists' curricula vitae are provided. With bibliography and notes.

:On the Recent Movements in Korean Contemporary Art - Shinyoung CHUNG
:BACK Seungwoo(백승우)BAE Bienu(배병우)CHO Duckhyun(조덕현)CHOE Uram(최우람)CHOI Jeonghwa(최정화)CHUN Kwangyoung(전광영)CHUNG Suejin(정수진)Gimhongsok(김홍석)HAM Jin(함진)HAM Kyungah(함경아)JEON Joonho(전준호)Michael JOO(주마이클)JUNG Yeondoo(정연두)KIM Atta(김아타)KIM Beom(김범)KIM Insook(김인숙)Kimsooja(김수자)Sora KIM(김소라)KOO Jeonga(구정아)LEE Hyungkoo(이형구)LIM Minouk(임민욱)MOON Beom(문범)MOON Jiha(문지하)OH Heinkuhn(오형근)PARK Kiwon(박기원)PARK Seobo(박서보)RHEE Kibong(이기봉)SHIN Jean(신진)Doho SUH(서도호)YEE Sookyung(이수경)
Publisher/s:Prestel Verlag (Munich - Germany)
Year of Publication:2012
No. of Pages:192
ISBN / ISSN: 9783791351575

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