The Badge Project

Badge, ‘INLAND  OCEAN   acorn  i s l a n d’, 
The Badge Project, group edition, 
edited by Nico Dockx, Teleport Fargfabriken, Ostersund, 2008; 
part of We Did Everything Wrong, curated by Carl Michæl von Hausswolff & Jan Aman, 
Teleport Fargfabriken, Ostersund, 2008   

we did everything wrong, group exhibition 
curated by Jan Aman & Carl Michael von Hausswolff, 
5200 badges (inviting 25 artist -friends to design a badge)

Constellation sequence concrete pœm (a la Brazilian "Noigandres" group, Ian Hamilton Finlay, 
Lawrence Weiner etc) originally planned then realised as a maquette in the early 1990's 
(but as with much visual art work made then and later, unexposed at time or since). 
Reused (identical words typographic font, arrangement, colour-scheme etc) for Nico Dockx's 
'The Badge Project' (portfolio or ALPHABET of "tender buttons", from 26 invitees), 
as part of 'We Did Everything Wrong'

Full-set image, ©, Copyright, Rirkrit Tiravanija, 2008

Same phrase became generative leitmotif throughout ‘Micro-Colonial-Drift / Growth-Area (via the Scenic-Route)’, 'The Bastard / Magnetic Speech', anthology, edited by Dr Clémentine DelissMetronome, London, 2001. 
Serialised (alongside other works) in spoken-word audio form over sides B.) ‘Karatæoke’ and C.) ‘Obombrer’, 'The Bastard Remixes', double vinyl L.P compilation album, produced by Nico Dockx and Samon Takahashi, Curious / Conspiracy Records, Antwerp, 2004 

Entire text recited and recorded (without alteration or accompaniment) as track 4 on side 2 of 'New Opportunities for Focused Listening', audio-cassette compilation album, curated, edited and produced by Bevis Martin and Charlie Youle, Le Lieu unique, Nantes, 2005 

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