Urban Harvest

Rut Blees Luxemburg

28 June – 14 July 2018
On 14 July from 4 to 6pm for drinks and Douglas Park's reading of his poem, Vinetrilologue – a response to Urban Harvest.
at Peer London 97-99 Hoxton Street, London
For three-weeks, PEER will host Future Hoxton and Urban Harvest, a two-part presentation focusing on the urban environment of Hoxton and celebrating how local communities can inform the development of their neighbourhood. Will Hodgson and Jan Kattein will build a large-scale model of the Hoxton area as part of an interactive community consultation project. Alongside this, internationally acclaimed and locally based artist Rut Blees Luxemburg will present new works from her urban harvest series.

Rut Blees Luxemburg, left image: #the lesson of the vine, 2018 (fragment 7, winter), right image: #the lesson of the vine, 2018 (fragment 6, autumn)
Urban Harvest is a new body of work by Rut Blees Luxemburg, presenting the artist’s latest preoccupation with the upkeep and neglect of horticulture in urban spaces.
East London is a scene of intense transformation and evolving interests. There are many new towering developments in the vicinity of the ‘digital roundabout’ of Old Street, which contrast with the slow re-emergence of nature, manifest in city allotments and urban gardening.  Urban Harvest is an ongoing field study that brings together analogue photographs of an urban grape vine plant growing on the side of a local corner shop in the shadow of a satellite dish. Here, it is flourishing, despite viticultural indifference and concrete photographs of fragments of vines, in different stages of the yearly cycle, which explore the lesson of the vine.  For Urban Harvest the British poet Douglas Park has written a specially commissioned Vinetrilologue.  “City centre and forest clearing — altogether pounding out their very own real live telltale heartbeat and pulse rate.”          
Rut Blees Luxemburg, May 2018

URBAN HARVEST FINAL WEEK: Saturday at 4pm, poet Douglas Park will join us from Antwerpen for a rare London appearance and the first reading of his poem, Vinetrilologue – a response to Rut Blees Luxemburg's Urban Harvest series.

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