Research in Indonesia 인도네시아 리서치 Proposal

The Research relating to Indonesian cuisine, after “The Agency and the Ecstasy” by Kim Kim Gallery and Minja Gu in 2018, which took place in Korea.
Minja Gu’s work is based on personal performances that observe and question daily behaviors, which in turn are projected through various media including photography, video, installation, and drawing.

Proposal by Minja Gu

1. 맛의 원형 
인도네시아 인스턴트 라면 맛의 원형에 대한 워크샵 
- 우리나라의 신라면, 안성탕면 등을 생각해보면 맛에 참고가 되는 것은 아니지만, 
이런 저런 음식들, 이런 저런 특성-소위 한국인의 입맛- 기준이 되었을 것이다. 
(비빔면, 짜파게티, 사리 곰탕면, 칼국수, 너구리, 짬뽕면, 꼬꼬면, 해물라면신라면, 삼양라면, 진라면, 안성탕면, 열라면, 무파마 그렇다면 인도네시아의 대표적인 인스턴트 라면들은 어떠할까. 
가지 대표적인 인스턴트 라면의 , 질감, 특성 등을 분석을 해보고,  맛의 원형이 되 인도네시아 음식을 조리하는 시간을 갖는다. 
1 : 맛의 분석
2 : 분석 결과 유추되는 음식 조리 

2. 인도미 페르시스 Indomie Persis 방문 인터뷰
인도미 포장지의 조리예 이미지처럼 재현하는 음식점인 '인도미 페르시스' 방문하여  관계자들을 인터뷰를 한. 

3. 식품 생산시설 방문: 국수, 라면, 템페 등 

1. Indonesian dish for the taste reference of instant noodle.
When I think about the taste of some Korean instant noodles, I can imagine some Korean dishes that can be the reference of the noodle taste. Some of them are clear to figure out, and some of them are a bit vague.
Both of the cases, I can say that those dishes for the taste criteria are regarded as typical Korean traditional dishes or representatives of Korean food.
As like this, I’d like to deal with those kind of Indonesian dishes that used in food industries.

day 1
Analyzing the taste of instant noodle.
Figuring out the original food for the reference taste of the instant noodle.
Finding the recipes of the dishes.
day 2
Cooking the dishes from the day 1 workshop.

2. Visiting the restaurant ‘Indomie Persis’: Hope to having an interview with the cook in the restaurant. Would like to visit their kitchen and make video if possible.

3. Visiting some food manufacturing facilities: Possible in any kinds. big factory, small domestic manufacturer of noodle, tempe, instant food… etc
Sep. 2019

Nov. 2019

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