97 Kwangju Biennale: Unmapping the Earth

:LEE Youngchul(이영철)Paul VIRILIOHarald SZEEMANNFriedrich KITTLERLawrence GROSSBERGRichard KOSHALEKNestor Garcia CANCLINISUNG Wankyung(성완경)Slavoj ZIZEKBernard MARCADEJohn RAJCHMANPARK Kyong(박경동)
Description:'The 2nd Kwangju Biennale is being held under the theme, "Unmapping the Earth."With the widespread support and appreciation for the arts generated by the first event, we expect to build upon the previous achievement, always seeking to successfully improve the calibre of each Biennale. The core of the '97 Kwangju Biennale is its Main Exhibition, which enjoys the participation of world-renowned artists selected by a distinguished group of commissioners. The Main Exhibition provides an opportunity to experience current trends in the international art world, helping to foster a better understanding of contemporary art in the public. I hope the catalogue for the Main Exhibition of the 2nd Kwangju Biennale, introducing the participating artists and their works, will serve as a valuable guide for visitors, and lend insight to some of the ideas and issues explored by the artists.' - Song Eon-jong, Mayor of the City of Kwangju, Chairman of the Kwangju Biennale. This catalogue includes artists' biographies. 
Language/s:English, French, Korean
:Unmapping the Earth - LEE Youngchul(이영철)
An Overexposed World - Paul VIRILIO
Speed and Water: A Saga - Harald SZEEMANN
Speed - Friedrich KITTLER
Images of the Future: The Architecture of a New Geography - PARK Kyong(박경동)
Configuring Space - Lawrence GROSSBERG
Meditations on Hybrid Art - Richard KOSHALEK
Rethinking Identity in Times of Globalizations - Nestor Garcia CANCLINI
Power in the Flux of Survival - SUNG Wankyung(성완경)
Multiculturalism or The Cultural Logic of Multinational Capital - Slavoj ZIZEK
Remarks on Mutilation/ the Masquerade/ Abjection... - Bernard MARCADE
The Earth and the Globe - John RAJCHMAN
:FENG Mengbo(馮夢波)LIM Choongsup(임충섭)(Group) ArtcampKANG Ikjoong(강익중)Navin RAWANCHAIKUL(นาวิน ลาวัลย์ชัยกุล)RHEE Kibong(이기봉)CHEN Zhen(陳箴)Manuel OCAMPOPARK Hongchun(박홍천)SON Bongchae(손봉채)Vivan SUNDARAMXU Bing(徐冰)HUANG Yongping(黃永砅)KIM Beom(김범)KOO Jeonga(구정아)Mariko MORI(森万里子)BAHC Yiso(박이소)
Publisher/s:Gwangju Biennale Press (Gwangju)

Year of Publication:1997
ISBN / ISSN: 8987719006

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