Past in Reverse: Contemporary Art of East Asia

:Betti-Sue HERTZZHANG Zhaohui(張朝暉)LI Xianting(栗憲庭)Midori MATSUI(松井みどり)KANG Taehi(강태희)
Description:Bringing together artworks by 22 artists and artist groups from China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, the exhibition, 'Past in Reverse: Contemporary Art of East Asia' aims to present to the American audience the latest trends in the contemporary art scene in Asia. There is a combination of established and up-and-coming artists/artist groups, and the artworks range from traditional Chinese fine brush painting to conceptual photography, video art as well as performance art. Artists' biographies and introduction of thier style and works are provided. Information of writers are also included. With foreword by Derrick R. Cartwright, The Maruja Baldwin Director.

:Crisscross: New Trends in Art, East Asia - Betti-Sue HERTZ

Parallel Trajectories: Seeking New Identities in East Asia -ZHANG Zhaohui(張朝暉)

Same Culture, Different Nature/ Same Culture, Same Nature -LI Xianting(栗憲庭)

In Search of the Incommensurable: Japanese Art in Transition - Midori MATSUI(松井みどり)

Contemporary Artists of South Korea: A Refracted View -KANG Taehi(강태희)
:CAI Guoqiang(蔡國強)CAO Fei(曹斐)SHAO Yinong(邵逸農),Muchen(慕辰)WANG Jianwei(汪建偉)WANG Qingsong(王慶松),YANG Fudong(楊福東)LEUNG Meeping(梁美萍)Wilson SHIEH(石家豪)Ryoko AOKI(青木陵子)Hiroshi FUJI(藤浩志)Takayuki MITSUSHIMATadasu TAKAMINE(高嶺格)Shizuka YOKOMIZO(横溝静)(Group) flyingCity(플라잉시티)BAHC Yiso(박이소)HUNG Yi(洪易)Michael Minghong LIN(林明弘)KIM Youngjin(김영진)JANG Heejeong(장희정)(Group) Yangjiang Group(陽江組)
:Betti-Sue HERTZ
Organiser, Publisher:San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego 

Venue/s:San Diego Museum of Art (San Diego - United States)
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art (Kansas City - United States)
Hood Museum of Art Dartmouth College (Hanover - United States)
Year of Publication:2004
ISBN / ISSN:0937108332

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