{e}-scapes ! a multimedia book.

classical flutist / visual artist oriana dierinck and artist / poet douglas park live together in their beautiful 1927 house in borgerhout, antwerp. for many years, oriana, being also founder / artistic director of the classical chamber music ensembleZ V E Z D O L I K I, has been shooting many images, some of which have appeared in connection with her music. for instance, her "O" got published in NICC's (www.nicc.be) "zonder kunstenaars geen kunstboek", 2021. as well as interest from a gallery in london. douglas park, U.K. and belgian based, internationally active and exposed artist, author, critic and curator. literary prose and written art, as well as literay prose and written art serving as criticism, also relatively conventional essays, solo work, collaboration and project input. varying outlets include publication, exhibition, live performance, audio recording, moving image, broadcast and online.

Z V E Z D O L I K I wants to publish this book together because douglas' poems uniquely match oriana's images. it is really important to us, because, firstly, it would be a work of love, and secondly it will be useful to both of us as a beautiful portfolio. we are doing this crowdfunding to cover the production costs (paper, printing, design, binding, editing, publication).

besides photographs and poetry, the book will also provide links to streamable mini-improvisations on flute which add an extra experience when reading the book. or everything could as well be enjoyed separately.


{e}-scapes !
as previously announced, Oriana Dierinck and i are working on our multimedia book. meaning, my poetry and stories by me, with photography and other visuals by Oriana. each page will also include a link to a flute improvisation by Oriana.
so, please, come and help us make this happen for real.
from Douglas Park facebook page, 23th May 2022

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