The Authentic Quality: Spicy Seafood Noodle, 2019

@ West Space, Melbourne
2019. 6. 22
Minja Gu's The Authentic Quality: Spicy Seafood Noodle. After debuting this performance as part of Performance X 4A at Art Central, Hong Kong, Minja Gu brings her durational performance work to Melbourne's West Space.
Minja Gu’s work explores the cyclical forces of consumerism in society facilitating contexts that transform everyday occurrences into ceremonies and rituals. Lasting approximately 1 hour, Gu uses the ubiquitous act of making noodles as a relational act that encourages pause, reflection and communication among her participants.

This performance is presented in partnership with 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, West Space, The Korean Cultural Centre Australia and the Kim Kim Gallery, as part of ‘Take ( ) at face value’

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