Apocalypse Celebration

Narration, with music by Spectremax Orchestre & Trio Bolivia, 'Apocalypse Celebration', concert, Les Ateliers de Bitche, Nantes, 2012

Ultimate generator, well hidden, best kept secret, expertly disguised. Original creator and source, which entire planet and all else of reality gets woven and built by, then sent forth from.

Long before birth, component threads loosen, unravel and fall away. Self-ignition fuse soon lit, only burning slowly, but never gone out. Dismantling and actual demolition donates fuel and driving-force; fed, run and grown on; as much as or even more than reassembly and upgrade.

Dormant inferno jumpstarts, kicking off, hold taken. Rockface, masonry and rubble become molten liquid; alive, moving, fast. Contents and inmates go under, sink and drown, until swallowed deep, soon lost forever. Thereafter, lava overflow avalanche landslide grand-rapids cascade downpour deluge flood wins outright; ruling, triumphant, victorious, supreme.

Energy and power defeat, consume, survive and replace dead fossil cadaver terrain. No longer the same place and form or how and where they were ever again or anymore; instead, raw presence and pure storm; advancing, omnipotent, invincible. New and improved evolution progresses forever onward ahead.

©, Copyright, Douglas Park

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