This is Fiction,1999

Group show curated by Nayoungim, Gregory Maass & Chung Seoyoung
Total Art Museum of Contemporary art, Seoul
1999. 5. 21 - 6. 13

Robert Estermann
This is fiction, 1999, Performance
This is Fiction at TAM, Seoul, 1999, 29,7 x42cm

There are many girls and some boys walking around during an opening at the total museum of contemporary art in seoul. These are the actors I have engaged, and they all wear the same sweatshirts.
There are also the regular visitors.
The actors are very happy and stroll around in several groups all over the locations of the museum (entry area, garden, inside the museum, balcony ….) - They chat and giggle amongst themselves and once they see another group (of actors), both groups exchange winks. The visitors take them as happy clouds of charming young people, a gift of this nice spring evening.
But occasionally the way the actors behave and the image the visitors perceive from them changes suddenly. It happens when, by accident, a group of the actors and a visitor pass close to each other. Then, all of a sudden the mood of the actors becomes very serious, and they insult the visitor: You have no underwear…! or: You are stinky…!

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